Since 1976, Ofioliti provides an international forum for original contributions and reviews in the field of the geodynamics, petrology, geochemistry, stratigraphy, tectonics and paleogeography applied to ophiolitic terrains and modern oceanic lithosphere, including their sedimentary cover. Studies of related topics such as geodynamics of the mantle and the evolution of orogens including ophiolites are also welcome.

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  • Pietro Luoni, Davide Zanoni, Gisella Rebay, Maria Iole Spalla: "Deformation history of Ultra High Pressure ophiolitic serpentinites in the Zermatt-Saas Zone, Créton, upper Valtournanche (Aosta Valley, Western  Alps)"
  • Alberto Corno, Pietro Mosca, Alessandro Borghi,  Marco Gattiglio: "Lithostrathigrapy and petrography of the Monte Banchetta-Punta Rognosa oceanic succession (Troncea and Chisonetto valleys, Western Alps)"
  • Guido Gosso, Jean-Marc Lardeaux, Davide Zanoni, Silvia Volante, Michel Corsini, Riccardo Bersezio, Jean Mascle, Luca Spaggiari, Maria Iole Spalla, Michele Zucali, Gérard Giannerini, Laurent Camera: "Mapping the progressive evolution between continent and ocean: the junction between the Alpine belt and the western Mediterranean"
  • Davide Berno, Alessio Sanfilippo, Alberto Zanetti, Riccardo Tribuzio: "Reactive melt migration controls the trace element budget of the lower oceanic crust: insights from the troctolite-olivine gabbro association of the Pineto ophiolite (Corsica, France)"  

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